僕の彼女は会社の利益の為に枕営業命令 大嫌いな取引先社長にイカされ性奴隷にされ鬱勃起

Every day, she has a fulfilling work and private life, having a love affair without telling the company, and being assigned new projects in her department. This time I was assigned to conduct business negotiations with the president of a business partner. Even though I don’t like that president, it’s my job. After a business meeting, we had dinner together, and I followed her to a hotel room… and ended up getting raped… However, their physical compatibility was surprisingly good. Since then, Aise in the president’s office has become a once-a-week routine. I forgot about him and fell into a vulgar mistress who goes crazy over cock.

Hibiki Ren My girlfriend was made to cum by the president of a business partner she hated and was made into a sex slave for the benefit of the company and got a depressed erection.

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