Introducing the perfect best of 12 works by everyone’s Yayo-chan, Mizuki Yayoi (Tsuni Tenten), whose erotic appeal has increased! ! An overwhelming hip that makes you want to rub the G-cup big breasts with a very erotic sensual feel. A barrage of creampies using plenty of the body you want to hold! This book is perfect for Yayo-chan fans as well as an introductory guide to Mizuki Yayoi! Be intoxicated by Yayo-chan’s pheromones with a total of 69 shots and 8 hours of high volume.

The hottest multi-queen in the AV world right now. Mizuki Yayoi with pheromones in total minutes 480 minutes 12 works BEST

[HNDB245 / HNDB-245 / HNDB 245]