婚前同窓会NTR 性格最悪セックス最高なクズ元カレの絶倫ピストンに再び堕ちてしまったボクの婚約者

My ex-boyfriend is the worst kind of scum that can’t be helped, but… oh no! What should I do! After all, this person’s sex is amazing! Two years after we started dating, I finally decided to marry my girlfriend, Kana. One day, two weeks before her wedding, she told me that she wanted to attend the reunion of her university club and also to announce her marriage. She’s beautiful, has great style, and is definitely popular, so I was a little worried. She also knew that she had a bad drinking habit. However, I didn’t want him to be seen as a small person, so I sent him off with a smile on the outside. …For several hours after that, we lost contact with him after a phone call to attend the after-party.

Premarital Reunion NTR – Worst Personality, Worst Sex, Best Scum Ex-Boyfriend’s Sex Pistons – My Fiancée’s Fallen Again

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