Honoka Furukawa is busy. She is a talented office lady by day and a lewd esthetician by night. She loves esthetics, and the destructive power of slutty esthetics SEX, which teases and compels masochistic men to endure, is frightening. She has the following points: ① Forced ejaculation on the face as a national treasure ② Dirty talk that makes your ears tingle ③ Dirty talk that makes your ears tingle ④ Close contact at zero distance at all times ⑤ An extremely slutty slut. “Hey, I like the look on your face that makes you look comfortable.” She expands on the area of ​​masochist men’s dicks by not being naughty and gently blaming them with lewd words. That’s awesome.

My side job is as a slutty esthetician who bullies M customers with zero-distance dirty talk.

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