≪爆ヌキ×鬼どぴゅ!?≫ ―シン・ルーインドオーガズムー

The dick becomes stupid…the weirdness of endless ejaculation. One shot is not enough! “I’m the type who won’t give you wise time!” “I won’t let you go home until I’m satisfied!” A paradise of cumshots. NO! ! Philosopher time! ? I will show you endless orgasms! ! Kaikan ejaculation overflowing with sperm! ! The most obscene thing ever in the history of “Nishinomiya Yume”. Ingesting leaked semen! ! A barrage of pursuit shots! ! Covered with sperm. . . Intense collaboration between Samoari and Yume Nishinomiya! !

≪Baku Nuki x Demon Dopyu! ? ≫ – Shin Ruind Orgasm

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