デビューの為…売れる為…服従のアイドルレ×プ輪姦 中年オヤジ達に喰い物にされ続けた最期のアイドル

Problematic work. “My genitals were defiled by those in power…” Rape of despair. An idol’s genitals being invaded by a dirty stick. Middle-aged men in power who have semen poured on their faces… force their dicks into them… and prey on beautiful girls. In the world of idols, pillow sales are commonplace! ? A sad story of an idol who fell into obedience. “I am a sexual outlet…” This is a controversial work.

For debut…to sell…submissive idol rape gangbang. The final idol who was kept being eaten by middle-aged men.

[IPZZ196 / IPZZ-196 / IPZZ 196]