人気ソープ嬢に恋をしたガチ痛客の“ボクを好きになってくれるまで帰さない”軟禁独り占めレ×プ 粘着妄想男の終わらない軟禁凌辱

I’ll give you 1 million yen if you can deal with me personally until morning without going through the store… What awaited me, shaken by those words, was endless days of sexual service… “You just cum with a really nice face. After all, your bodies were the best.” I was taken away in a car and imprisoned in my home, where I was raped every day. “It’s a deal. I drank your essence, so you have to drink my semen too.” Shimonuma’s crazy fantasies escalated and he finally made me wear a wedding dress…

A hard-core customer who fell in love with a popular soapland girl is raped under house arrest, saying, “I won’t let her go home until she likes me.” An endless house arrest rape of a delusional man

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