セクハラ客の誘惑を断りきれない 敏感エステサロン 気持ちイイを止められない!!

Uto, a therapist with slender legs, is extremely sensitive and feels when touched! For this reason, she works at a men’s beauty salon where touching is prohibited, and does her job politely, but the customers who can’t stand Uto’s dedicated service end up touching her legs in search of Uto’s beautiful legs. “Please stop!” She stops touching him in a loud voice, but the customer pleads, “Just a little! Please!” but she allows him to touch her! In fact, Uto was extremely weak against pressure! ! When the customer noticed this, he touched various parts of her and finally let out a “Ah!” sound… When the man heard that, it was as if a switch had been turned on and he began to seek Uto’s body… Uto listens to everything from handjobs, blowjobs, masturbation, facesitting, and footjobs using her beautiful legs. “Keep it a secret!” becomes Uto’s password, and he eventually allows himself to be penetrated. Sensitive Uto let out a loud moan as he felt it all the time! !

A sensitive beauty salon that can’t refuse the temptation of a sexually harassed customer, can’t stop feeling so good! !

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