修学旅行の下見出張でセクハラ教師とまさかの相部屋に… 軽蔑していたキモ教師に死ぬほどイカされまくった屈辱SEX

I hate it to death, but I can’t refuse my body…I’m a new female teacher who was trained for two days and one night and kept being made to cum until morning… One student who was supposed to go on a preview of a school trip suddenly developed a fever. Momonogi decides to go half-forced as a pinch hitter. Her companion is the school’s vice principal who is known for sexual harassment. What’s more, Momonogi had always had a hard time with this vice principal physically. Since it was the same day, I was not able to request a room change and ended up staying in a shared room at the inn as there were no other rooms available. The humiliation of having her weakness seized and forced to cum by the sexually harassing vice principal’s sweaty piston. No matter how many times I ejaculate, the vice principal’s dick doesn’t stop me from going crazy.

On a school trip, I unexpectedly ended up sharing a room with a sexually harassing teacher… Humiliating sex where I was driven to death by the creepy teacher I despised.

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