≪借金返済の生贄≫絶倫富豪オヤジに300日監禁… 毎日性教育 絶頂させられ続けた肉便器奴○娘の記録。

Repeat eating, sleeping, and sex. One and a half year sexual obedience contract! ! “I became the slave of a wealthy man who had too much free time under the condition of taking over my family’s debts.” 300 days of confinement and training for a young girl! ! Immersed in SEX day after day. Complete training mind control rape. The girl turned into a meat toy is supposed to be disgusting, but she is swamped by the meat stick. . . incontinence! convulsions! Infinite climax! After being imprisoned for 300 days, she became a fine girl who is soaked in cocks. “You keep sucking cock forever.”

≪Sacrifice for debt repayment≫ 300 days of confinement to an unfaithful wealthy man… Sex education every day. A record of a slave girl who continues to be made to climax.

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