死ぬほど大嫌いな上司と出張先の温泉旅館でまさかの相部屋に… 醜い絶倫おやじに何度も何度もイカされてしまった私。

The worst part is that you’re sharing a room with your boss, who you hate. “Here” is a female employee who is drugged with sleeping pills, secretly filmed, threatened, and raped without help! Your boyfriend’s cock isn’t enough, right? Are you actually frustrated? I’ll make you cum so much that you’ll go crazy (lol). This ugly old man’s sweaty piston continues until morning in a guest room with a broken air conditioner! 2 shots! 3 shots! An unparalleled penis that doesn’t weaken no matter how much it comes out! Oh my! Isn’t it like you’re about to cum? You can’t stand it, can you? Cool! Make me cum! Oh no! A slender beautiful body that bends over in humiliating orgasm!

I unexpectedly ended up sharing a room with my boss, whom I hated to death, at a hot spring inn on a business trip… I was made to cum over and over again by this ugly, obscene old man.

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