大嫌いなセクハラ上司のデカマラがドストライク過ぎて… 飲まされ酔わされ目覚めたらまさかの相部屋ラブホテル…朝までイカされ続けた私

Why can’t you be satisfied with your boyfriend’s dick? (lol) Did you want my dick? I can’t help it (lol) open your legs! I’ll do it right now! Karen is a beautiful office lady who can work and is good-looking. Recently, she had a boyfriend at the company and was living a fulfilling life…until that night. Karen, who attended a company drinking party called a social gathering, is forced to drink by her boss, Oki, who is famous for sexual harassment, power harassment, and harassment, and is taken to a love hotel and raped. The sexual desire that was sleeping is awakened by being made to cum many times by the intense and rough sex of the boss who hates it! From that day…at the hotel! At the office! At the man’s house! If you want to fuck, insert it anywhere! Her portio is pounded with a big dick and she reaches humiliation and incontinence! 11 massive ejaculations that won’t end no matter how many ejaculations you emit! Days covered in acme-soaked semen. It’s like she’s been longing to be embraced by that man… Ahhh no! What should I do! After all, this person’s dick is too amazing!

The big dick of my sexually harassing boss, who I hate, hits me too hard…I was made to drink, got drunk, and when I woke up, I unexpectedly found myself in a shared room at a love hotel…I continued to cum until the morning.

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