BBQ泥酔NTR 大学のサークル飲み会でクズ男達に飲まされ酔わされヤラれてしまった僕の彼女

I thought that the kind of “cuckolding” that I often see on the internet these days has nothing to do with me. Kana and I are second year university students. It’s been exactly one year since we started dating. We’ve been living together for almost half a year. She’s beautiful, cute, kind, has a great figure, and I’m the happiest right now. …I was happy…that’s it! By all means! I can’t believe something like that happened… I happened to see the video of the circle drinking party that day… and there was an incredible image of her in it… She is surrounded by naked men and happily sucking cocks. She takes turns getting the cock in her face and cumming over and over again. She’s so frustrated and frustrated that she can’t forgive and doesn’t want to forgive her, but for some reason she gets aroused by the video of her cuckold’s erection.

BBQ Drunk NTR My girlfriend was made to drink by scumbag men at a university club drinking party, got drunk, and fucked me.

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