「今日だけは奥さんのことを忘れて…」 一年ぶりに再会した愛人と1秒たりとも惜しまずヤリたい放題した出張先の休日

Even after we broke up with Airi, whom I dated in the past and dumped, we continued to have a mistress relationship. However, after I got married, we stopped seeing each other, but miraculously, her business trip ended up in Tokyo, where Airi was. When I contacted them, they came right away. She was more beautiful than my wife and our bodies were better suited to each other, so I held her in my arms for a limited time. A miraculous reunion with her mistress, who is cuter and more erotic than her wife. Just for today, I loved her more than my wife, and I kept looking for her for the dozens of hours we spent together…

“Forget about your wife just for today…” A holiday on a business trip where I did whatever I wanted with my mistress, who I met again after a year, without sparing even a second.

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