死ぬほど嫌いな義父の大好物は女子○生のワタシでした… 犯されながら何度もイカされる屈辱レ×プ

Even though I was forcibly raped by my stepfather, who I hated…I felt humiliated… Her parent’s remarriage partner is a perverted, creepy middle-aged man who loves girls and students. My father-in-law was so horny to see me in my uniform that he forcibly raped me. At the entrance, in the hallway, in the toilet…I keep getting raped without my mother’s eyes. “I don’t want to destroy my mother’s happiness. If I hold back…”, she whispers in her heart, but her body reacts as she is raped over and over again, a terrible contradiction. I am the most humiliated as a woman…

My father-in-law’s favorite food, which I hate to death, was the raw girl… A humiliating rape where I was raped and made to cum over and over again.

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