「奥さんより私の方がフェラ上手いよ」 社内の男性社員をシャブり寝取るフェラ好き女上司

Married men who were cuckolded by a female manager who was better at giving blowjobs than their wives. “My blowjob feels so good lol” “You don’t want to shit with your wife anyway, right?” Eating a married man! ? Suck it hard and get hard! Insert the hard cock! ! All male employees are eaten. If I get sucked, it’s the end…I’ve already lost my reason. She is in agony due to the avalanche of blowjob! It doesn’t end with just a blowjob! Everyone wants to fuck! Runaway piston like a beast! Everyone ejaculates in large quantities! ! Crazy sucking to the core – narrowed down to the female manager! !

“I’m better at giving blowjobs than my wife.” A female boss who likes blowjobs and cuckolds male employees in the company.

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