妻が出産で帰省中、一緒に営業周りをする同僚女子社員「西宮」と何度も、何度も、浮気してしまった…。 相性抜群の肉体関係

A female co-worker who invites me when my wife isn’t around. What a bad boy you are… My girlfriend’s wife was home after giving birth…I was living alone for a while…I couldn’t satisfy her sexual desire…I was overwhelmed by the women who asked me out. “Aren’t you bored because you don’t have shit with your wife?” “I don’t mind being a good woman who is convenient for me…” I fell in love with a good woman who was more erotic than my wife. Even if I cum, I immediately hold it in my mouth, make it erect, and then insert it again. A physical relationship with excellent compatibility. I lost my mind. “I can experience pleasure with you that I have never experienced with my wife…”

While my wife was home due to childbirth, I repeatedly cheated on her with Nishimiya, a female colleague who works in sales… Excellent physical relationship

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