I hate men! It’s gross and filthy…but…sex feels so good… “Wakana” is imprisoned for 10 days in the house of a scum gangster and works as a servant to pay off his father’s debt. The pleasure of a woman who is forced to perform physical service, raped, gangbanged, and continues to cum over and over again as she awakens! Enjoy being a sex maid! Insert immediately when men want to ejaculate, whether it’s inside or outside! Super piston! Aaah, I’m cumming so much that I’m going crazy! During her days filled with pleasure, she awakens into a perverted maid who shakes her hips and cums over and over again with a joyful face! “Wakana”‘s pussy is a dedicated onahole for Master and Bochama, so please use it whenever you like.

I don’t know the joy of sex, but due to my father’s debt, I was imprisoned in a gangster’s house, raped, gang-raped, made to cum, and after 10 days, I was transformed into a premature ejaculation maid who couldn’t live without sex.

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