It’s really gross, so don’t touch it! Before summer vacation, Saki is called by her homeroom teacher, Takagi, who is famous for his masochism. Due to the number of attendance days and grades, he is told that if he continues like this, he will not be able to graduate. Saki is confused and Takagi suggests an intensive supplementary class during the summer vacation… Threatened by a middle-aged teacher who is so disgusting that it makes her feel nauseous… The worst summer supplementary class… Humiliatingly forced to go to school without a bra. Slowly…slowly…he plays with the erect nipples of the cheeky gal in uniform. She has developed a tendency to prematurely ejaculate her nipples even with the slightest stimulation… Her sensitive nipples are played with, pinched and licked, causing her to incontinence and cum many times! Nipple torture during blowjob, during insertion, and even when orgasming! Oh no, I’m cumming with my nipples!

A cheeky girl in uniform whose sensitive nipples are played with over and over again by a middle-aged teacher who hates her mother and has developed nipple orgasms to the point of incontinence.

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