I went back to the countryside during Obon and met up with my cousin who works as an insurance saleswoman for the first time in several years. Beautiful legs stretched out in pantyhose… dripping sweat… the lewd smell of stuffy pantyhose… the sexiness of my cousin who has become so beautiful makes me unable to suppress my lewd feelings… Hey! What are you doing! Cousin! I can’t hold back anymore! Sniff the pantyhose soaked with foot odor! Lick it! Hold your cock between them! In the sweltering heat, a runaway piston is covered in sweat and thrusts hard! All corners are wearing pantyhose! No need to take off your clothes! Special beautiful leg angle! Beautiful leg play that makes ejaculation inevitable! Steamy pantyhose fetishism that invites an erection!

When I met my cousin again after a long time, I couldn’t control my rationality as I was seduced by her beautiful legs and defenseless pantyhose, and I went wild in the middle of summer.

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