FIRST IMPRESSION 170 九州が生んだSEXの天才お姉さんデビュー!!

[It’s amazing when you take it off! ]23-year-old Ao Ebisaki, who works at a kimono shop in Kyushu, makes her dream start as an AV actress…! When I talked to her mother about her appearance in an AV, she told me that her mother also wanted to become an AV actress when she was 18 years old, but her grandmother opposed it so she couldn’t make it happen…! The AV debut that was dreamed of by two generations of mother and daughter has come true! And she had an incredibly nice body in the kimono of a working kimono shop…! Not only does she have a healthy G cup and a beautiful butt, but the sex she performs from her sharply toned abs is just too naughty! She feels so good that her eyes flicker out of focus and she cums over and over again with greedy lust…! I thought she was a masochist, but she loves fellatio and says, “If possible, I would definitely lick it for 30 minutes before inserting it”…! In this work, she gives a blowjob while being showered with facial cumshots for the first time! Her impression of the blow job while being bukkake was “I licked it a lot and my mouth is happy (smiling with a semen face)”…Are you a goddess? Although it has a sharp appearance, it is playful and charming! She has such a great personality that the filming staff fell in love with her! The spirit of service that makes people happy is overflowing from SEX! The way she enjoys the other person’s reactions is the talent of a slut! 3SEX covered in sweat and serious juice, squirting orgasms! There will be plenty of interviews, and I hope you can enjoy a lot of jerking off at the moment when a beautiful woman becomes an AV actress![Idea Pocket Ao Ebisaki, a sex genius from Kyushu makes her debut! ! ]

FIRST IMPRESSION 170 A sex genius from Kyushu makes her debut! !

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