Akari, a normally serious and calm librarian, has a terrible secret… A quiet beauty suddenly changes… She plays with the withered cock of a middle-aged man and devours his sperm until it dries up! If I say it out loud, people will find out, right? Is that ok? In a situation where I can’t make a sound, my cock is exposed, jerked off, sucked, and forced to ejaculate with humiliation! She sounds cute and sounds like a girl. Whispered intellectual lewd words that arouse shame. The masochism of middle-aged men is developing. The ultimate pleasure of being humiliated and submitted to by a gentle beauty and made into a cock slave. Do you not like it? You can stop if you don’t like it…?

Akari, a serious and quiet librarian, turns out to be a pervert, sadistic slut with extremely twisted sexual habits…

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