サークル女子を食い飽きたFランイベサーの暇つぶしでレ×プの標的にされた大学事務員 希島さん

Mr. Kijima, a plain office worker, is raped by an idiot F-ran Evesar at the peak of happiness as she looks forward to her wedding. He ends up being forced to perform sex services using rape videos as material, and has his anus and anus spread open and used as a toy every day… After being passed around by the men, she ends up having to cum inside her on the spot… Poor Kijima-san, who is humiliated by low-class men who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, but before he knows it, he surrenders to sexual pleasure…

Mr. Kijima, a university clerk who was targeted for rape while killing time by an F-run eventer who was tired of eating club girls.

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