出張先が記録的豪雨で童貞部下と突然相部屋に… 雨で濡れた身体に興奮した部下に襲われ朝まで9発のびしょ濡れ絶倫性交

I thought we would never touch each other even if we stayed in the same room…We went on a business trip to the countryside while a typhoon was expected to approach. We should have made it in time if we could return by around evening, but the typhoon made landfall earlier than expected. The flight I was scheduled to take has been cancelled, and my boss tells me to find a place to stay and come back tomorrow. I hurriedly looked for a place to stay, but only found one room. I was licking him because he was an unmanly junior subordinate, but something unexpected happened…

When I was on a business trip with record heavy rain, I suddenly ended up sharing a room with a virgin subordinate… My subordinate got excited by my wet body and attacked me, and we had 9 dripping wet sexual intercourses until morning.

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