Aoi, Mitsuri, and Miu are fourth-year university students in the surfing club. Mitsuri was secretly thinking about her childhood friend “Aoi”. Meanwhile, her girlfriends “Aoi” and “Miu” start dating. One day, Aoi finds out that Miu is cheating on her, and she begins to distrust women. Mitsuri tells Aoi that she is not that kind of woman. To prove that, she suggests abstinence for a month. Mitsuri tells Mitsuri that she wants him to listen to whatever she says as a reward for her accomplishment. Mitsuri Nagahama finally takes on the challenge of absentee NTR drama! This is not just an absentee NTR drama, but a sweet yet bitter pure love story that mixes the romantic feelings of a man and a woman. Mitsuri, who had always been in love with her childhood friend, finally confessed her feelings that she had not been able to express and started living with her childhood friend for only 3 days. Mitsuri’s feelings explode and she asks Mitsuri to overlap her body and mind over and over again. The sight of her trying so hard is sure to make her heart swell! And on the final day, an unexpected turn of events…

I made my childhood friend, who I’ve loved for a long time, abstain for a month and had sex with her while she was away.Three sweet and sad days.

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