キミがくれた愛の種は冬の夜空の花になる。 無邪気な子供のようでどこか寂し気なワケアリ美少女「かな」と無我夢中でハメまくったある冬の話。

It is said that fate can change through small encounters. My fate has changed… Ever since I met her on the roof of her school that winter morning. Kana seems like an innocent child, but always feels a little lonely…her hidden emotional scars…she was in solitude. Incest with her uncle…a beautiful girl who doesn’t believe in love…anxiety, jealousy, anger…the night they were tied…and pure love revived. The best emotional full-scale drama woven by the master of the drama AV world, Jo Asagiri, and the legendary actress, Kana Momonogi. The best pure love sex where we overlap our bodies and share the warmth, passionately seeking each other. I’ll protect everything! I’ll protect you!

The seeds of love you gave me will become flowers in the winter night sky. This is the story of one winter when I had sex with Kana, a beautiful girl who looked like an innocent child and was somewhat lonely.

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