純愛再び…またアナタと愛し合う 大好きだけど別れた愛人と再会SEXしたら体の相性抜群で朝を迎えるまで何度も何度も求め合った

A boss and a subordinate, two people who work at the same company, had an affair within the company in the past. It wasn’t just a physical relationship, but a pure love where they loved each other with their hearts. However, her boss, Tamura, is a married man with a wife and children. Thinking about each other, the two decide to part ways. After that, they went about their daily lives without really interacting with each other, but Furukawa kept thinking about his boss, Tamura… Two years later, the two of them coincidentally decide to go on a business trip to the local area, and while there is a somewhat awkward atmosphere, the two, who have been in love with each other in the past, are excited to be reunited for the first time in a while… It’s been a while since your body was held by you, your lips overlapped, your breasts were touched, and your pussy was caressed. The more naughty love becomes, the faster I become. . . “I’m in a relationship where no one supports me, neither at work nor in society…but I’m still happy…”

Pure love again… I love you again. I had sex again with my lover who I loved but broke up with, and our bodies were so compatible that we asked each other again and again until morning came.

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