酔いつぶれ目を覚ましたら… はだけた浴衣で僕を誘う同僚女子社員と翌朝までヤリまくった僕。 ヴァーチャル寝取られ体感

What happened one night when you were cuckolded. After the banquet at the company’s destination, you and your girlfriend’s colleague “Yume”… experience virtual cuckolding! ! He ejaculates 9 times in one night! ! You can see “Yume Nishinomiya” with 200% subjective eroticism! After the banquet, you can take it home to “Yume”! ? “Yume” straddles you who is drunk. Intense deep kiss! Skillful nipple licking and handjob! “I’ve always wanted to be alone with you…” “I’ve loved you for a long time, haven’t I…” An AV that lets you feel like a cuckold!

When I woke up after getting drunk, I found myself having sex with my female co-worker until the next morning, who invited me in a naked yukata. Virtual cuckold experience

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