Her slender big-breasted body and perfect face are perfect! Furthermore, Yuma-senpai is a female boss who is good at work. But it seems that he doesn’t have a boyfriend because he’s too busy…One day, while sharing a room on a business trip, the frustrated senior’s pent-up sexual desire goes wild! Straddled and entwined with her sexy legs, she drinks holy water directly from the hold where she can’t move! Bukkake on the dick and ejaculate easily with just urine pressure! I can’t believe my beautiful boss has such a fetish… It feels so good to be raped so vulgarly! I was completely captivated by the pleasure of the holy water, and was made to use Yuma-senpai’s exclusive toilet until the sun rose…!

Yuma Sano was forced to share a room with a female boss with an exquisite body who was secretly targeting me, and was kept in a holy water hold until the morning came.

[MIAB052 / MIAB-052 / MIAB 052]