大嫌いなパワハラ絶倫上司に1日で20発チ〇ポを抜けという理不尽奴隷契約を結ばされた新入社員 さらに…~チ〇ポしゃぶって5分でイかせられなかったら、生中出しセックス懲罰~

Emma is a new employee assigned to the sales department of a certain company. There, a big mistake was pointed out by her unpleasant male boss, who threatened her and said, “If you make me cum 20 times a day, I’ll erase your mistake. Even though you’re on a probationary period, I can fire you at any time.” Day after day, the days of blow job hell begin. Furthermore, a rule was added that if you can’t get a blowjob in 5 minutes, you’ll be forced to have sex raw – your hopeful life as a new member of society turns into a life where you’re used as a meat urinal by your boss…

A new employee is forced into an unreasonable slave contract by his power-harassed boss, who hates him, forcing him to ejaculate 20 times in one day.Furthermore…~If he doesn’t make you cum in 5 minutes after sucking his dick, he will be punished for sex with a raw creampie~Ema Futaba

[MIAB065 / MIAB-065 / MIAB 065]