生徒会長おもらし輪姦 僕を助けてくれた生徒会長がいじめっこに利尿剤を飲まされて…足ガクブル公然失禁アクメに鬱勃起しかできなかった僕…。

《New generation holy water queen! Uta Hibino’s demon splash is amazing! 》Uta-san, the student council president who always protects me from bullying. A kind, serious, and strong-minded girlfriend is made to drink a diuretic by her cheaters… She can’t hold back the pleasure of urinating and her body trembles and jerks! I can’t believe I’m being blown away by the embarrassing acme that spills out like a sprinkler…I woke up too much and my urethra bursts from the explosive peeing! I couldn’t believe I was cumming… All I want to do is get depressed…

Student council president peeing gangbang The student council president who helped me was made to drink a diuretic by the bully…I could only get a depressed erection due to the public incontinence orgasm with my legs shaking…Hibino Uta

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