トイレさえ行かせてくれないパワハラ女上司にこっそり利尿剤を飲ませて… 限界寸前おしっこ我慢中に強制中出し

A power harassing female boss who is always overbearing and strong-willed. “Huh? Toilet? You should go after work…” During work, I leaked something because they wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom. I forgive that woman! I secretly put a “super strong diuretic” into my female boss’s drink and make her pee in revenge! ! “No…I can’t hold back anymore…” The explosive splash pleasure deep inside her vagina makes her big ass jiggling! 100 times more sensitive with forced creampie during repeated peeing! ? This pleasure I can’t get back…

I secretly made my power-harassed female boss take a diuretic because she wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom… Waka Misono was forced to creampie her while holding back her pee.

[MIAB104 / MIAB-104 / MIAB 104]