無自覚孕ませ催眠レ×プ 引きこもり解消に試した催眠術で言いなり化した教え子J●に【中出し=治療】常識改変種付け30発

I decided to try a new method of hypnosis counseling to relieve my student’s withdrawal. She was thinking of letting out her deepest worries, but… “I masturbated until the teacher came…” She unexpectedly confessed. The student, who went out of control due to the hypnosis that was too effective, started masturbating again in front of him. Now, he might be able to deceive anything…The teacher who was attacked by the devil forgets his good intentions and forces his dick onto his student… He twisted the common sense of his student (+ family) who unexpectedly turned into a masturbator at his command and misunderstood that creampie = withdrawal treatment. You can have as much creampie as you want, even in front of your family. *Of course, it also includes rapes that are irresistible for event lovers, where only the person himself is restored to normal, while the surroundings remain out of common sense.

Hypnosis rape that impregnates the student unconsciously.[Creampie = treatment]Hikaru Minazuki 30 shots of common sense modification seeding to the student J● who became compliant with hypnosis tried to relieve withdrawal

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