この女、旦那の身代わり口便器 借金旦那の居場所を頑なに教えない堅物美人妻の口に 無理やり媚薬チ●ポねじ込み鬼畜イラマレ×プ

Happy days. Her husband suddenly told her his room number and disappeared. “Akari…I’m sorry. I’ll definitely come back. I want you to keep quiet about where I am.” Akari, who stubbornly refuses to speak in order to protect her husband, is mercilessly pushed to the brink of ascension as a yakuza. She was abducted and confined and made into a brutal deep throat. Pickled shabu. Shake your head to circulate the aphrodisiac throughout your body. Blurred consciousness. She throat fucks herself over and over and over again. “Your mouth is so nice!” “My wife has gone crazy.” Those beautiful and elegant days will never return.

This woman is a mouth urinal in place of her husband. Akari Niimura forces an aphrodisiac cock into the mouth of a straight-laced beautiful wife who stubbornly refuses to tell her whereabouts of her husband.

[MIAB174 / MIAB-174 / MIAB 174]