僕をフッて寿退社を決めた憧れの女上司を眠剤媚薬漬け 孕ませキメセク婚約破棄

Are you going to get married…with someone other than me? Rumor has it that her admired boss has gotten engaged. The opponent is an elite. The office is full of color. You were so kind to me. Why not me? A misunderstanding man’s obsession goes out of control. He impulsively buys the drug and cums as hard as he wants on the female body of his dreams. If you get her pregnant, you can’t get married.[Coma creampie rape/training deep throat/toy leverage brainwashing/predation creampie SEX]

My favorite female boss, who decided to quit Kotobuki after cheating on me, is given a sleeping aphrodisiac and impregnated, and the sexual engagement is broken off. Miho Tsuno

[MIAB188 / MIAB-188 / MIAB 188]