毎週金曜日の放課後、ボクは友達の彼女とお決まりの場所と時間に密会して何度も何度もハメまくっている。 互いに恋人がいる同級生と放課後中出しルーティーン

The two seek a thrill in their boring daily lives, wanting to express their sexual desires that cannot be satisfied by a lover alone. Our secret routine…[Every Friday after school is the day we have sex]The excitement of doing naughty things in a school with fewer teachers and students made my body more sensitive. She wasn’t in love, but she just drowned in the feeling of pleasure and immorality. In the world of just the two of us, we quietly interact, making creaking noises. Today, the next week, at the same time…this routine continues until it gets boring.

Every Friday after school, I secretly meet up with my friend’s girlfriend at a certain place and time and have sex with her over and over again. After school creampie routine with a classmate who has a lover Kanata Toumi

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