On my way home from a certain business location. It was getting late at night, and just when I thought it was time to go home… Overtime orders from the boss! Work that doesn’t end even if you return to the company with tears in your eyes. After drinking the drink I received as a gift, my crotch started to tingle. A shameful trap by an unscrupulous boss! A subordinate who is on the verge of incontinence due to a diuretic aphrodisiac is purposely stopped and lectured to… peeing! The pee penetrates her pants and drips down her pantyhose, making her tall beautiful legs shine lustfully! The smell of ammonia pervades the office late at night, when the two of us are alone. A follow-up rape where a confused subordinate is humiliated while wearing soaking wet pantyhose! The more I leak, the more my sensitivity increases without even realizing it, and I’m going crazy…

A 170 cm tall subordinate with beautiful legs is given a diuretic aphrodisiac and is ordered to work overtime and is forced to do power harassment while wearing pantyhose and pees on his sex. Kanata Toumi

[MIAB202 / MIAB-202 / MIAB 202]