寝取らせ串刺し眠姦 妻に眠剤を飲ませて、知らない男達に無防備な体を貸出しさせる寝取らせ夫

He and his wife Hinako spend each day happily together. However, due to one mistake that her wife made (cheating), her erection deteriorates and she spends her days in agony… “I wonder how on earth Hinako moaned on her other man’s dick… and felt it… and she climaxed…” Because she loves her wife, she invites her husband into a twisted desire. In order not to hurt her beloved wife, she lets her man cuckold her only while she is put to sleep with sleeping pills. “It’s amazing…I feel it like I’ve never shown it before…” Her mouth and pussy were covered, and my wife, who was going crazy, couldn’t help but get horny because of her loveliness. She had a total of 9 shots. Contains aphrodisiac. Bukkake. My husband’s unstoppable desire. 《Forbidden sleep sex NTR that crosses the line between husband and wife》

Cuckold and Impalement Sleep Rape – Hinako Mori, a cuckold husband who makes his wife take sleeping pills and lends her defenseless body to men she doesn’t know.

[MIAB204 / MIAB-204 / MIAB 204]