“Yui”… She used to be an idol with me… She was a lackluster child…even though she was my foil. She is now a super popular “influencer” lol. She finds a boyfriend, lives in a mansion, and gets married… Ah, it’s annoying. The happiness appeal is also annoying, and I just don’t like it. That’s why…everyone…raped me and sent me to hell…w[Yui Tenma x Hibiki Otsuki x Director Masaki presents a woman’s revenge jealous rape! ][A woman who is about to get married is creampied by a dick other than her husband! Trauma erection is erotic! ]

It’s so annoying that Yui ends up with the man I like!That’s why… I had her creampie raped before marriage… Yui Tenma

[MIAB218 / MIAB-218 / MIAB 218]