Because I don’t have sex with my partner. Because I’m lonely. Because I want to be cherished. Because I want to feel good… She is a frustrated married woman who has become completely addicted to the women’s sex industry that she has experienced for the first time. She is excited to be led by a therapist who is younger than her. She can’t stop twitching as he gently touches her body. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of having my nipples and pussy played with. She cums many times with finger cunnilingus, which she serves for a long time without making a disgusted face. Eventually, her foreplay is not enough for her, and she ends up asking for the real thing herself… She falls in love with women without telling her husband.

A binge wife who is addicted to finger cunnilingus in a women-only sex industry!The request for pussy escalates and she keeps coming back with perverted play hidden in her heart… Kanna Misaki

[MIAB240 / MIAB-240 / MIAB 240]