My childhood friend Azu lives across the street. She doesn’t have any masculine feelings at all, and she always comes in and out of my room without permission. I thought days like this would continue forever… In my heart, I always thought that Azu was mine… One day, when I was hanging out with Azu as usual, some college guys came into my room and started drinking. Chara man and Azu disappeared without my knowledge. For some reason, Azusa and the others come back with steam on their faces and their clothes turned inside out… I couldn’t believe they were having sex without my knowledge… She couldn’t believe Azu had such big breasts… Ultimate childhood friend NTR! !

I thought that Azu, who seemed like a male friend, suddenly became feminine, but I never expected it to turn out to be a female man who flatters the boys…Boyish childhood friend NTR Azu Amazuki

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