キモイからどっかいけよ、じじい 更生指導員の絶対的パワーと肉棒で非力な不良少女どもを徹底服従させるメスガキおま○こ更生プログラム

“Don’t touch me, you old man!” A father who is divorcing his wife and whose family is on the verge of collapse asks for advice. She is troubled by the delinquency of her daughter Mina (pseudonym). He smokes and wanders around late at night. He started hanging out with Hikaru (pseudonym), who was in a similar situation. “If you enter without permission, I will kill you.” A sign in his room. Sometimes domestic violence. He had no choice but to try a rehabilitation program before he turned to evil. Training with strength and cock by two independent support workers dispatched. He suppresses the violent girl and deep throats her until she regrets her cheeky remarks. A piston attack until there is no power to resist. As he repeatedly rapes her for justice, he eventually hears words of apology from their mouths…

Get out of your disgusting place, old man. A rehabilitation program for female brats to completely obedient delinquent girls with the absolute power and cock of a rehabilitation instructor.

[MIAB254 / MIAB-254 / MIAB 254]