学生時代好きだった女の子が街角で個人円交する立ちんぼに… ホストや変態親父に汚された彼女の性経歴を聞きながら鬱勃起チ〇ポを射精させてもらうボク。

[Why did this happen…Reminiscence NTR! ]One day, after several years of not being able to confess his love to Tenma-san, the girl he liked in his school days, he was invited by her friend to try to buy girls called “Tachirinbo” who were having private sex on the street corner… Oh, that’s Tenma-san! ? When I heard the confused story, I went to Tokyo and got hooked on the host’s intimate creampie sex. Because she needs money to pay, she serves customers by sucking cock at a pin salon. None of that was enough for me, so I got paid to have creampie sex with her pervert father. Frustrating, sad, but erect! I’ll pay you so please let me fuck you too! Tenma-san, who has had various experiences, has a continuous creampie that feels good in both blowjob and pussy! I will throw my unfulfilled feelings at my girlfriend who is dirty with her city and men!

The girl I liked when I was a student was standing there having sex with me on a street corner… I was forced to ejaculate from my erect penis while listening to her sexual history that was tainted by the host and her perverted father.Yui Tenma

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