This is a clinic run by a beautiful female doctor who stimulates the five senses of patients with erectile dysfunction and restores their confidence and erectile strength…A patient who has lost confidence in his penis comes in again today…“How’s your erection? ?Do you masturbate properly? Did you ejaculate today? Try to make yourself erect.”I used manual techniques to induce an erection for the patient. He is examined in unpleasant honorific language and made to smell her pussy and gets fully erect.When a patient ejaculates after a little hand job, he says, “Why did you let it out without permission?Didn’t I say that you need patience to improve your erection?” He makes the patient erect again, and makes follow-up ejaculation by skillfully using carrots and sticks. Erection improvement clinic run by a pervert slut doctor…

A 20-shot ejaculation improvement clinic with a slutty doctor who uses her beautiful legs to examine erectile dysfunction and masochistic patients by twisting their nipples and talking dirty to them Hinako Mori

[MIAB259 / MIAB-259 / MIAB 259]