“Riho” Sensei is my former boss… In the past, we used to work hard together, but it became a buzz on SNS… She was a super influencer female doctor with an air of arrogance… Moreover, the person I am about to marry has always been in love with me… ah! I’m just so pissed off now. Just remembering that “happiness appeal”. Anyway, I want to damn that stupid woman to hell… That’s why… Let’s rape her, okay? Let’s cum inside her a lot lol[A woman’s revenge rape brought to you by director Riho Matsumoto x Mao Hamasaki x Naoto Masaki! ][A woman who is about to get married is creampied by a dick other than her husband! Trauma erection is erotic! ][The most evil and craziest masterpiece in the series! ]

It’s so annoying that Riho ends up with the man I like!That’s why… I had her creampie raped before marriage… Riho Matsumoto

[MIAB276 / MIAB-276 / MIAB 276]