[Female investigator impregnated and raped and gangbanged! 10 ejaculations soaked in aphrodisiac sperm! ]Miu is a noble and powerful female investigator who goes solo into a large-scale aphrodisiac trafficking organization and puts the mission first no matter the situation. One day, she falls into the trap of her lowlife dealers on a crowded train she boarded to track him down. In order to survive without making a fuss, she has no choice but to calmly take the aphrodisiac… Miu, who has fallen straight into the pleasure swamp, is faced with a creampie gangbang hell full of aphrodisiacs and semen! An endless impregnating piston that pours sperm deep and deep! The sight of him being filthy both inside and out, becoming a meat urinal and shaking his hips, wanting even small fry’s dick… was far from the strongest.

Miu Nakamura

Hirokoji Osaki

Miu, a noble and beautiful investigator who fell into an aphrodisiac creampie molester train


[MIDV664 / MIDV-664 / MIDV 664]