あ。この子絶対育ちがいい。でも絶対エロい。 新人 専属 インテリ女子大生 千川とわAVDEBUT

a. This kid is definitely well-bred. she’s shy. But her sexual desire is strong… A female college student who aims to become an interior designer makes her AV debut. There’s still a nice gap between her “original” behavior and her lasciviousness. Her favorite position is “suspension bridge missionary position”. She is a box girl with a beautiful white butt that is also naughty. Her squirting is definitely a must-see. Fingering squirt, fucking squirt, orgasm squirting, cowgirl squirting… all 3 sex, I was squirting until the sheets were drizzled. A 21-year-old who is now realizing her own talent, with the hopes of the girl she drew in her heart. She’s sure to love you too. Her name is Towa Chikawa. Her AV debut.

Chikawa Towa

Michiru Arashiyama

a. This kid is definitely well-bred. But she’s definitely sexy. Newcomer Exclusive Intelligent Female College Student Towa Chikawa AVDEBUT


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