A childhood friend who met again after a long time became cute. “Hmm. I got a girlfriend in Tokyo…angry.” “If I were your wife, I’d give you sex every day.” “Hey, I can do more naughty things than a Tokyo girl.” A boring, rural voice begins. Whispering temptation. “I’ve always liked you more.” She stares at me with a cute face and boldly approaches me with a tongue kiss, secretly stops me with a blow job, cums in my mouth, sweaty close-up sex, I don’t know where I learned how to do it, but I don’t know where I learned to do it, but she does it with a lewd hip shake, and she shows off her jealousy and has sex in a yukata. “I love it! I love it! I love it!” The lewd play accelerates with jealousy. Ejaculate over and over again on Mio who is too cute and too erotic! “Are you going home tomorrow? Well then, let’s have some unforgettable sex…” I forgot about my Tokyo girlfriend…

Mio Ishikawa

Masaki Naotomo

When I returned home to the countryside, my childhood friend Mio, who was jealous of my Tokyo girlfriend, sweat-dropped and made me cum out of her with her dirty talk…Summer memories.


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