Nana got married at work at the company she used to work for and is living a happy life. Her husband still works at the same company and is being harassed by her boss because he is jealous of her because he married Nana. Otsuka, Nana’s former boss, is a pervert with an abnormal obsession with nipples and was targeting Nana when she was single, but he has a grudge against her for marrying a male subordinate and plans to win her back someday. …Sexual harassment by a former boss befalls a chaste married woman…By the time she realizes it, it’s already too late and she feels pleasure without her consent. Immoral nipple climax.A beautiful wife who is so horny can touch it, lick it, and insert it, and masturbates with her raw meat…

Nana Yagi

Kitorune Kawaguchi

My ex-boss’s nipple kneading training developed me into a predisposition to premature ejaculation, and my rationality and love for my husband were destroyed by repeated nipple teasing…


[MIDV674 / MIDV-674 / MIDV 674]