Nanasawa-kun, the secretary I hired after starting a business, manages my schedule perfectly…but even more than that, he thoroughly manages my dick! I couldn’t resist her as she whispered in my ear and gently fucked me. Even in the office, when the time comes, I give handjobs and blowjobs. As a company president, I was embarrassed to say that I was made to ejaculate. It would be bad if the employees found out, so she hid under the desk with a devilish smile and was dreaming of giving a blow job. In the end, she arbitrarily booked a love hotel on her free schedule and had sex! Reverse sex management by an amazingly skilled secretary!

Mia Nanasawa “President, after the dinner, we’ll go to a love hotel at 11pm.” Reverse sex management by the little devil’s secretary who gently fucks me, who has just started a business.


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